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After a long day of unpacking boxes and moving furnitures it is finally starting to look like a home here. It feel so good to have our own place again.

World Famous?


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Our last night out in Humpty Doo before we move back in to the city again. We decided to celebrate with¬†a dinner at the “world famous” Humpty Doo hotel.


You can there enjoy a fabulous dinner at their restaurant or


have a beer with the locals in their pub. Need to dress up? No, as long as you wear shorts and thongs you are good to go ūüôā



Darwin style…..

Western Browns


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Have to wait until Wednesday before container with our stuff will arrive. That means a few more nights out in the shit tip ūüė¶

Best of all got this text today. So now we might get killed by snakes too!!!

National Day of Sweden


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Sommarkollage Bild-72

Today, the 6th of June, is the National Day of Sweden. I therefore will give you some Swedishness in form of some typical pictures form Sweden and of course, the Royal Family of Sweden wearing the Swedish folk costume!
National Day commemorates the date on which Gustav Vasa was elected king of Sweden in 1523 and Sweden became an independent country. Since 2005 this is a public holiday in Sweden so I hope all my friends back home will be out today carrying the Swedish flag with pride.  

2 days left


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Until we move in to this place!! Can’t wait to leave the shit tip we are in now. Best of all; the container, containing all our stuff, will arrive the same day ūüôā

Life with a bag and pillow is finally over. 



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Has to be done in the blue donger in the photo. Yepp, that is the laundry room (or spider room would probably be better suitable name). Since I wasn’t clever enough to put the washing on before 5pm I was unable to collect the washing. I tried to find my way out there at 7pm but it was impossible to see anything. That means I have to play todays basketball game in semi-dry clothes. New on my shopping list; a torch.¬†

Luxury in a “box”


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Welcome to Humpty Doo, a small town 40 minutes drive outside Darwin. From life in the city to life in the bush. Yeh, why not live in a “box” for a few days?

IMG_0532No real windows or doors. I never have had so many mosquito bites , and let’s not talk about spiders in the bathroom or possums running around on the roof at night. I feel like a backpacker again.


Main entrance leading to the only two areas where you can inclose yourself at night; the dongers (or containers if you so will call them). A life of luxury.