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So it´s finally on it´s way, my own little iPhone 5.

I remember when I got my first mobile phone. I was 16 and I had to argue with my parents for over six months, trying to convince them that the phone wouldn’t kill me (my dad was convinced that a wireless phone would damage my brain) and that I would pay for my own phone bills. When I finally got the phone, a Nokia, I was so afraid to destroy it that I hardly dared to use it.

But I have been pretty good with my phones, well maybe not with my current one. Think I have changed the screen on my iPhone 3 about four times. I was hoping the new iPhone 5 would come with a glass that would be unbreakable but no. I guess I have to buy the best protection case on the market and walk around with a less beautiful phone.

So, porridge for lunch for the next months and iPhone 5 on its way!