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I have been thinking about this a lot lately. When you stand in front of a decision, when you don’t know the outcome. Aren´t we all a bit afraid of the unknown even if it sometimes can give you that thrilling feeling, challenges you and give you that extra drive.

When should you listen to your heart and when should you do “the right thing”? And who decides what the right thing is? Is it your family, your friends, your religion or is it society’s influence that colors your decision? Is it the culture of the country or is it a mixture of all this? And if it is any of the above listed, how do we then know that we make a decision after our own thoughts and feelings and not after what we “should do”?

I think you sometimes need to challenge yourself to be able to grow as a person but when have you gone to far? When do you know if you have put yourself in front of a challenge that is to big and what if you fail? If the unknown proves to be invincible and you have made ​​a mistake. How do you explain your failure if your decision was based on what you felt was right, based on your inner feeling?

I think you need to have been there to succeed. I think that by making the mistakes and learn from them you increase your chanse to be able to succeed the next time. That is if you dare to face the unknown again.

What do you think?