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I’m so happy, I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Ashley from stilettosandtequila.  Thank you so much! I’ve been reading Ashley’s blog for a while and love her inspiration and great tips when it comes to fashion. Below is a text from her About Me page:

Fashion exists at every corner of the world and we are very much a part of it. But how we see fashion, is what makes us different from one another. Fashion to me is helping others and making them happy. Fashion to me is learning about new things and sharing them. Fashion to me means personalizing things my way.

I’ve also nominated a few other bloggers, who also have beautiful blogs and who inspires me.

Beautiful Blogger Award Rules:

The idea behind the Beautiful Blogger Award is to recognize some of the bloggers we follow for their hard work and inspiration.

  1. Post seven interesting things about myself
  2. Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award.

Lets start with the seven things about me that you don’t know

  1. My dad is a magician
  2. My dad’s identical twin brother is a magician too (and yes they have performed together at different events)
  3. Growing up the only animals we had was a white dove and a white rabbit (what else when your dad is a magician)
  4. I love basketball and have been playing my whole life, a few years as a professional.
  5. I make the best chocolate shake and I promise I will share my recipe on the blog soon
  6. I love to travel and see new things
  7. I’m getting married soon 🙂

Nominees for the beautiful blogger award

  1. Lesley @ lesleycarter
  2. Ine Therese @ ineback
  3. Kell and Sechy @ kellandsechy
  4. Lila @ litwist
  5. Liz @ lizforaday
  6. Dina @ toffeefee
  7. Andrea @ adventuresofandrea

And again, thank you so much Ashley for nominating me 🙂