Free accommodation!!


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How Australian is the ad below found here where two “Aussies blokes” on gumtree (similar to the Swedish site Blocket) are are looking to rent out a room for free (preferable for backpacking girls ha ha)

Backpacking free accommodation!!!

Two 26 year old Aussie blokes living on 850 acres of land one hour from Kakadu and one and a half hours from Darwin city. We have a pool and plenty of land to park up the van for a short or possibly long stay it just depends on the people that rock up I guess. Obviously ladies preferred but a group with a couple of good lads is also welcome. Good tap water available and solar power with Internet available while we are home after work. We work 5 days a week but weekends more than happy to show good people life in Australia including drinking sessions loud music or hunting trips or fishing and just chilling out in the Aussie bush.

Anyone interested?? 

Italian Festival


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They really do love their¬†festivals up¬†in Darwin. Think there has been an event on every weekend since we got up here. Saturday night the city was filled with italian food stalls with hundreds of people lining up. If there is a festival in Darwin, all the locals are going. With all I mean ALL. After fifteen minutes of walking around we therefore decided¬†that the insane wait for a glass of wine wasn’t for us. Instead we joined the backpackers on the main street. Didn’t really enjoy that either so we ended up going home quite early for a Saturday. ¬†So please, can someone open up a decent bar in Darwin?¬†




Catching cash


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We been looking to buy a new car since we came up to Darwin. Our current car doesn’t have Air Con so it feels like driving around in a sauna. We stopped at a place that had a big sales event on where you also could take the challenge of “catching cash”.¬†


Since I was already dressed for exercise we thought I should give it a try. 20130514-120106.jpg



It was really hard but¬†I manage to catch a few¬†ūüôā¬†

And we did find a car so the dollars I won quickly disappeared….. ¬†



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20130517-152916.jpgYesterdays run along the cost. 



Tonight I’m playing my second basketball game up here in Darwin. We are playing against the top team so it won’t be easy.

I’m pretty excited about tomorrow. Car shopping (since our¬†car doesn’t¬†have air con and that is equal to suicide. Well, for me it is) and¬†this¬†festival.¬†

Game day


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The only photo I have from Friday’s game. We lost ūüė¶¬†Several players was off sick so I had to start! After 3 minutes I almost fainted. First of all I am old, second I am not well trained at the moment and third I am not used to play in 35 degrees. Well, I recoverd and managed to play the whole game through. Pretty cool that your body reacts on instinct when you play. Even if I have not played a game in 6 years my body seems to know what to do. The only thing I really need to work on now is my shooting and my fitness because that was not very impressive at all…..


It’s on!!


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Received the letter of clearance from Sweden today!! That means that I am now allowed to play in Australia. Game is on tonight! 



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Since there is not much to do on your spare time in Darwin I decided to start playing basketball again. I love the sport itself and that it gives you the opportunity to meet so many great people (and hopefully it will help me to get ¬†fit again….). So, I contacted Darwin Basketball Club and just a few days later I was part of a team! Feels great to be back again and fingers crossed; if all the paper from Sweden goes through, I will be able to play my first game tomorrow! Go Eagles!¬†



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Just outside our apartment is a long footpath along the foreshore of Nightcliff. It is a beautiful walk and very busy in the evenings after work. The footpath takes you pass the Nightcliff jetty, the beach and swimming pool. Not that I would go swimming at the beach in Darwin?! Who would dare???



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Yesterday we escaped the heat to watch the newly release movie Drift. Drift is set in the 1970s and tells the story of two brothers, as they grow up in a surf region, building a surfboard business. The movie was filmed in just 32 days down in Margaret River, Western Australia, and it really shows the beauty of the region. The film contains some really fantastic surf scenes with waves up to 20 foot (about 6 metres). Pretty cool that 70 percent of the surf scenes are performed by the actors themselves. After watching this movie I just wanted to fly back to WA again. 

 The surf contest looks a little bit different compare to when I was there last time.